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Use Case

Real Estate Collections

All the tools you need to collect rent or dues automatically

No More Cheques

No Chargebacks

Our product cannot be charged- back, stopped or frozen.

Save Time and Money

Improve service, lower operational costs, eliminate paper waste.

Daily Settlement

Fast settlements mean you always have cash when you need it.

Automated Collection

Our APIs and Webhooks make accounting integration simple.

Track Everything

View and export data the way you need it to run your business.

No Limits

There is no amount Paywell cannot handle, accept payment of any size.

Custom Integrations

Paywell works around your existing property management processes by integrating with multiple back-office and accounting systems.

Fund Deposits

No Chargebacks

Reduce your financial risk with a product that can't be charged back

Open APIs

Our APIs and Webhooks make integration simple & efficient

Reduce Costs

Lower your operational costs through our 99.99% e-Transfer acceptance rate

Multiple Onboarding Options

Automated e-Transfer or automated bank transfers

Fast Settlements

Daily settlements means you always have the cash on hand to continue to grow your business

No limits

There is no amount Paywell cant handle, accept deposits of any size 24/7

Custom Integrations

Paywell works with our clients to achieve the onboarding flow you require

Flexible Options

Multiple Ways to Pay

Collect domestic payments by e-Transfer, EFT, credit card, digital currency all using our hosted checkout solution or setup a recurring payment in a click.

Push and Pull Payment Solutions

Payments can be initiated by you, your tenant or or you can issue an instant payment request link.

Many Reporting Options

Your real-time data can be exported , viewed online or connected by API.

Credit Card Surcharging

Credit cards are expensive, why not pass the fee on to the cardholder?

Fund Withdrawals

Multiple Withdrawal Options

Enable e-Transfer withdrawals or bank transfer withdrawals for your customers

Upto $25,000 per e-Transfer

Send up-to $25,0000 in a single e-Transfer transaction and even more using bank transfers

Reduce Operational Overhead

Automated systems requiring no human intervention

Fast Withdrawals

Keep your customer's happy with near instant fiat withdrawals

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No commitments, get started online